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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : That Katsha should stick to grown up women



As expected, not all of us could make it to the Life of Bebe Cool Concert’. However, from the confines of our couches, we lazily watched the proceedings, thanks to the live broadcast by some local TV stations.

Probably the most memorable part of the show was seein Bebe Cool’s daughter Beata confidently putting up a beautiful performance that had people clapping and cheering. It is always lovely to see a young soul ooze enough confidence to stand before an audience and give all they have got.

Then, all of the sudden, that disease called “the ever fake tycoons in Uganda” sticks up from wherever, gets on stage and starts to ogle the little girl as if a cheetah that’s ready to pounce on its prey. I am talking about that dude, that oba calls himself “Katsha De Bank”?

Ahem! I thinks such chaps that are yet to tame the “village excitement” in them should be banned from attending some of these concerts because they do not know when and how to behave at a particular function.

See, after Bebe had engaged him in brief unnecessary conversation, he had the audacity to say “this one deserves the Bentley.”
Who does this except a local chap that is seeking cheap popularity? Who talks to/about a young girl barely in her teens in such a manner? Such people who do not know the difference between the young generation, the old and how to treat each accordingly are simply annoying.

Couldn’t he wait for her to finish her performance, to let her savor in her moment of fame and then have the sheepish talk about “the bentley” to the parents and the money that he had so showered her with? Did he have to walk up there and pull the signature money show off scheme by behaving in the same manner as they do before a certain breed of artistes that houses the likes of Desire Luzinda and family?

And who does he think he is blubbering about a Bentley to a young girl as if he is talking about bride price or a future booking of sorts? Weird minds; weird chaps just! But that is just me.
Next time oba he should stick to the usual league of grown up women that may appreciate /understand this kind of flattery. Just saying.

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