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Acute Angle

The acute angle: Ellah is simply a disgrace


Last Saturday, Kenyan afro-pop group Sauti Sol thrilled hundreds of fans who gathered at the Sheraton fans for the Club Mega Fest. And if you have seen them perform before, either on stage or in their videos, you must have witnessed how intense they can really get.

They like to rip off their shirts, showing off their toned bodies to screaming female fans who would do anything to get their hands on the stars. I see it as pure entertainment. I mean, that’s what they do for a living. To make every young girl in the crowd weak in their knees. I have heard of Kampala girls who sneak backstage to hoodwink foreign artistes into a night of pleasure and it can’t be far from the truth.

Chics around here will hawk themselves to any star for fame. Nothing can stop them. They will do whatever it takes to have a Jamaican artiste or any International artiste breathing on top of them. Trust me, they can be this desperate. The so called socialites and party animals are the biggest culprits. Shameless wenches! You have no idea about the lengths some people would go for fame.

Now this chic Ellah, the former Miss Uganda simply disgraced herself before everyone who went for that show. So as one of the Sauti Sol guys, Bien-Aime Baraza went close to the crowd while singing, the visibly high Ellah Nantumbwe sprung out of the crowd and went for the singer in a more than suggestive way. She literally tore the guy apart in another episode of Ugandan Girl goes cheap. She felt his abs with her hands and seemingly “begged for it.” It was a sight to forget. To think of the many people that came through for the show and having to endure such embarrassment was just sad. I would understand if some other random girl did it but certainly not Stellah Nantumbwe. She was a Miss Uganda at some point for crying loud. There is at least an ounce of shame she could have at least held onto.

Nothing….the chic just went haywire. Ellah has somewhat succeeded at rebranding herself from a graceful beauty queen to this all over-the-place socialite. It reminds us of what could have been. There is still time though. She remains a beautiful person with a small issue of misplaced hormones.

To all the ladies and guys going for these shows, try to behave yourself. If you are just another ill-bred rebel, kindly try to tame yourself. Just for one day atleast. There are so many people watching so one mistake could prove costly and embarrass all of us. Ellah girl, quit the whole bad girl act thing. It’s fake and isn’t working.

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