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The dvd : Midnight Special

At the face of it, eight- year-old Alton (Jaeden Lierberher) the son to Roy (Michael Shannon) is an ordinary child. It may seem strange that he wears his deep blue googles most of the time and goes to sleep with headsets on but all that can be ignored. But that is before he looks up into the sky and makes clouds turn into destructive drones! Alton has supernatural powers like no one has seen before. It is hard to believe that the fire that engulfs the sky when he looks at it, is all from only his gaze.

Roy, Alton and a friend are on the run because the FBI is looking for the eight year old with an intention of trying to establish the source of his power and how it can be put to their own use.

Roy knows that he will never see his son again if the FBI lay their hands on him. He also knows that they can do whatever they want to him once they have him, so, he is willing to risk it all to protect them from the police.

While on the run with the police searching for them everywhere, Alton tells Roy that he will have to leave them and join the people that are like him on another planet.
This is a fairly interesting sci-fiction that the younger ones will find more interesting. Alton acts pretty well but the other characters are mundane.

For a sci-fiction, I think there could have been more “drama’ to make it look like it is really out of the world. But given the family angle maybe out of this world is not what the directors where going for.

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