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Swipe cards, WiFi at Blankets and Wine


For those of you who have been forging wrist bands and Blankets and Wine tickets, it’s game over! This time the organisers have tightened the grip by introducing swipe cards to access the venue. According to Flower Kenyanji, one of the organisers, the cards will enable card holders to attend other events by House of DJs.
“No more funny people trying to cheat our clients and the first bundle are loyalty cards.” When we asked why they chose Micasa to grace the event, Flower told us that the group is laid back, chilled, and they have that Sunday vibe kind of music. She added that there have been many requests for the artistes to come and perform at the event.
“Micasa are good, they are prominent, not only in South Africa but the whole continent. It’s an expensive band and people appreciate them. So, the fee caters for everything because we have to keep bringing you good stuff.”
What will be different this year is that there will be free WiFi courtesy of Roke Telecom.

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