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Singer Lydia Jazmine robbed clean



Remember a guy who posted photos counting NRM money at the NRM Secretariat at Plot 10 Kyadondo Road? Well, the dude was attacked by goons and beaten up. But the money he was counting was not even his.
Lydia Jazmine must have missed that story, as the singer, who has been posting endless photos about her Coke Studio experience, fell victim of the Kifeesi crew. The goons must have thought she is making lots of dimes in Kenya. The singer was attacked by goons at her apartment in Munyonyo, Salaama Road at the weekend, and all her belongings taken. All she was left with was a phone, which was charging in another room. “Goons broke into my house while I was sleeping, they had knives and threatened to kill me if I made any alarm,” Jazmine said, adding that she just gave them a go ahead. “They weren’t bad people. They packed all my belongings one by one into their car and later drove off”. Apparently the security guard at the apartments wasn’t on duty, which gave the thieves all the time in the world to even check for coins under the bed. The singer is currently looking for money to replace all that she lost to the thieves.
Sorry girl, but we just wonder where your superman was that night!

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