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I don’t know Lydia Jasmine – Cindy


Cindy says she doesnt know who Lady Jasmine (below) is.

Ever since Lydia Jasmine went for Coke Studio, there have been different stories whose sources have never been confirmed. The story that was trending on social media earlier in the week though, was that Lydia Jasmine and singer Cindy were having some kind of beef just because Cindy did not make it for Coke Studio.
Since the sources were not trusted, Sqoop decided to reach out to Cindy to comment on the social media stories. The dancehall singer said she does not know about the stories, so our mole sent her the links.
jaz“I think my personal assistant tried telling me about those stories but I ignored them,” the singer said, adding that she has heard the name Lydia Jasmine but has never put a face to it. “I have not seen her or heard her song play, not even once and we have never met,” Cindy said, adding that it seems her team is trying to create hype for her because that is what artistes always do to stay relevant.
Cindy said she has never gone for Coke Studio nor dreamed of being part of it and thus, there is no way they can say she is beefing someone in the project.
When we reached Lydia Jasmine, she was hesitant to speak out on the issue, referring us to her manager and producer, Bushington. Jasmine later revealed that she has no problem with Cindy because they have no reason for their hatred because they have never met.
“Whatever Cindy said about me, I don’t know,” Jasmine said.

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