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Club Rouge to re-open again


If there is one bar that has been under the hands of many managers, it is none other than Club Rouge. Not even Club Venom which has been sold and bought month in month out can match it.
Club Rouge, which has been closed for two years now will finally open doors to customers on September 23. After many investors buying it and retaining the name, the club will change from Club Rouge to Space Lounge. Renovations are going on in the club and it will re-open under new management and owned by a businessman only identified as George Wasswa.
Club Rouge was initially owned by events promoter Ali Alibhai of Talent 256 who ran it for years before selling all his shares to his business partner Templer Bisaso. Templer, who also ran the bar for only a year, ended up selling it to Spear Abohe, who also took over management for three years but business was hard.
For the three years, the bar was always closed and opened after a few months, which demotivated patrons. In 2013, the bar was bought by Ken Ntaro, who was once Singer Desire Luzinda’s boyfriend. Ntaro ran the bar for less than three months and it closed over rent issues because it always attracted less than 20 people on weekends.
Now two years of Club Amnesia registering a mammoth of customers, Space Lounge will be giving them a run for their money.

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