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Prince Disan: Juggling radio, music and ministry


The singer says preaching is his his calling. Photo by Shamim J. Nakawooya

Messenger: Disan Ssemaganda, 33, presents on radio, does music and recently started preaching. He says he has seen and done it all and it is now time to serve God. He shares his journey with Shamim J Nakawooya.

Briefly tell us about yourself?
My name is Prince Disan Ssemaganda, aka Prince Dee, a radio presentor at Top Radio, a song writer, an emcee and a pastor at Heroes Christian Fellowship.

How and when did you become all these things?
Radio has dominated my life for a while. I was raised in a musical family. My mother is a musician and music teacher and so I grew up singing with my sisters and brothers and that is how I learnt to play all traditional musical instruments.
Then in 2002, while performing in church, I was spotted for a radio opportunity. My radio experiences have taught me to listen, advise, counsel and associate with people but I officially became an apostle early this year.

How come your music is not popular?
Music for me is a passion not a career. I have several recorded pieces that I have never promoted.

How many songs do you have?
I do more of writing than singing. I have more than 40 unrecorded songs, some gospel, others love and inspirational. I have recorded seven so far.

Who produces your music?
I do not have a specific producer but my first song was produced about 10 years ago by a childhood friend, the late Geoffrey Ddungu, aka Dandaloo. We did a song called Ontaase and it was promoted on most of the local radio stations. I produced several songs with Amir Wandyaaka of Amir Records in Masaka.

Where did you start your radio journey and what inspired you?
My first radio experience was with Top Radio- Masaka in 2002. I was doing a late night show called Esanyu mu Ttumbi. Not long after, Radio Equator hired me for the night love show called Muwumuuza. I worked there for four years before joining Buddu Media Group in Masaka at Best FM presenting The Heartline and here I was named the Love Doctor/Heart Surgeon. It’s from this background that I started working with FMJ, the former Kampala FM, doing a drive show before crossing over to Top Radio where I work up to date.
I was inspired by the late DJ Ronnie of Capital FM.

What are some of the benefits you get in this field?
I have met people who treat me with love and the respect I do not even deserve. It is an experience that has made me reflect on my life and embark on serving God.

Are there any challenges?
The biggest I face is balancing radio, studio, music and ministry. I find myself working so hard yet earning very little at the end of the day and yet the world expects you to live a ‘celebrity’ life.

What drove you into church ministry?
It was God’s timing. Who am I to say no when he says yes? I think I had done it all and what was left of me was to serve my God.

Who is your role model?
Jesus Christ.

What annoys you and how do you deal with it?
Hypocrisy; I prefer someone to confront me. When I am annoyed I play my guitar, sing or even write a song.
What is your marital status?
(Laughs) I am still single but very contented.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
International ministry; touring the world speaking about God and doing charity work. I also plan to start a music school.

What message do you have for the youth out there?
You should use your energy and strength wisely to secure a better future because later you won’t be able to do what you can do now.


Background: I was born and raised in Mukungwe Village, Masaka, to Prince David Muwanga Kateregga and Olive Alice Muwanga. We are more than 30 children and I am the second last born of my mother. I am not certain what position on my father’s side.
School: Kaddugala Primary School and Kijjabwemi Primary School, Kaddugala SS, Masaka SS, Blessed Sacrament Kimanya and Kampala University (Mass Communication).


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