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Dating mares: The plight of an intern


Most of the guys at my former work place were the ‘kula kwa macho’ type, the ones that only fed with eyes. They would ogle at women and interns going up and down the stairs, but it all ended there.

I can’t say they were all scaredy-cats. There seemed to be a horde of them that ate beyond their eyes. They seemed eager for the newest face and curvy body in the work space. But it was a normal thing to do. Charles was part of the park. He did not only feed with his eyes but also other parts of the body. While the other guys stealthily took pictures of the new girls and threw them in their whatsapp groups and made a thread of comments, Charles never participated. He was a serious chap- at least given that he had a fairly high rank. But he always took note of the comments and furtively chose his prey.

Charles was at it again—looking for a young girl to devour. He let everyone else comment while he watched from the kamoli (ventilator). He was looking for the one the rest liked most—that was his first bait. He would then befriend her. It was that easy. All he had to do was move about saying hello to everyone and spend a few more minutes finding out how she was fairing. He did not have to ask for her contact. In his position, she would call him at will. She needed him more. That’s how jack conquered Belinda, a light-skinned, slender and naïve intern who was on break from campus. She needed to write her dissertation and happened to be recruited in our company for training.

One month down the road, and the two were walking down the corridors, hand in hand, laughing away. It was a normal thing to do at our company. My former workplace was a liberal one. No one questioned holding hands or pressing bodies against each other in the name of hugging or asked why one hugged another longer than he hugged the rest. It was that simple, you sought company that suited your mood as long as you were not caught lying on the desk and doing the things that adults do.

Belinda went to his home on several occasions, supposedly to get assignments. They had a great time. Before she knew it, her one and a half months internship was ending. She was glad she had met love. Every girl crushed on Charles. Those who were not friends with him distanced themselves simply because they had been long “eaten” by him and he no longer had use for them.

The tall, dark and handsome man in his wisdom had had a share of happiness in the office’s confines. The other girls never complained. They knew that was him. H would never change. All he needed was to get over that which his wife did to him years ago. He was avenging the death of his ego and the girls surrendered themselves to be devoured. Charles did not end at that. He kissed and told. He needed to feel big, bigger than his masculine body could contain.

Life as it is, is unfair to a naïve little girl who is only out of school to get a little training and a few bucks to purchase sanitary wear. You should have seen the look on Belinda’s face, a smile of a winner and an attitude of a retiree. She was his queen and had nothing to lose. Whenever we had a chat about Charles, she would blush throughout the story and never ceased to call him after work.

Charles had few words. I’m not sure that was his nature. After a whole 200 words telling him how much she loved, adored and cherished him in a whatsapp chat, his reply was, “same”. This is the pain that comes with dating a man who has seen it all and you are probably the kind who warms his bed (if you are lucky to see it) for a few micro seconds. If I were a sex therapist, I would highly recommend office romance but tell the girl to carry a few brains along. Belinda was promised a new rank, that would come with a salary raise but if you ask me, I don’t see that happening between an intern and a ‘sub-sub’ boss. When you date a serial player at work, be rest assured you are not the first, nor will you be the last.

You are just that new girl that the office play boy wants to have a fling with and label as “used”. Remember, our universities are still sending interns and you will cease to be one. So what happens when others arrive?

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