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Producer Hannz tells fan why he is MIA


Hannz shows Ingrid how it is done in studio. He draws inspiration from Swizz Beats. Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Mr producer: Hannz Tactiq has been producing music for more than seven years now and he found his niche in hip hop and dancehall. He shared his story with his fan Ingrid Ndera.
Hi Hannz. What is your real name?
Hannington Muhumuza.

What were the first five hit songs you produced?
Ebintu by Mun G, Mukyamu and Bwekiri by Rabadaba, Sembera Eno by Mckenzie, Nickie Nola GNL and Rabadaba, Wuuba Akatambala by GNL and Owakabi by Jose Chameleone.

Why music production?
Music is fun. It was more of a hobby for me in the beginning. It is not just about the pay but I love what I do. High quality production is always my first priority.

Besides those you listed, what are some of the songs that made an impact on the entertainment scene?
Namalayo and Gila Tujile by Mun G, Love Me by Young Mulo, Push Harder, among others.

Why did you shift your studio from Kabalagala?
Kabalagala was okay but we needed more space. Also, the parking was too small and not secure enough. The place we shifted to in Rubaga is great and ideal for a recording studio.

You are not recording music as much you used to back then. What happened?
The silence is more about concentrating on so many other projects such as recording ads, music production for films and a DJ school. Truth is I am not really silent because the music industry is more than just the music you hear on radio. It is very wide and I am simultaneously exploiting other parts of it.

Why do you concentrate on hip hop and dancehall?
I can do all other genres but the artistes who do them don’t come to me.

How long have you been a producer?
Since 2009, but I have been active since I was 11 years old, doing scripts for TV and radio adverts.

Who is your role model?
I have two; Ryan Resley and Swizz Beats. They are hardworking and have helped many artistes. Ryan is the guy behind artistes such as Cassie, Fabolous, and Usher among others while Swizz Beats helped Eve, Jay Z and other artistes.

How much do you charge for an artiste to record at your studio?
We charge basing on the studio time, beat programming, mixing and mastering. Studio time, which is also termed as recording time is hourly but minimum price is Shs500,000.

What do you have to say about the piracy in Uganda’s entertainment industry?
It is becoming common and it is disappointing but on the other hand, it helps promote the industry because people listen to high quality songs. It is too hard to find music that is typically organic. It is basically about sharing ideas.

Which artiste would you say you enjoyed working with?
Every artiste is special in their own way but Mun G is very funny. In studio, it is all about laughter and jokes and before you realise it, the song is done. Working with him is always effortless.

What are some of the challenges you face as a producer?
Dealing with artistes is not easy because some expect you to figure out what they want which is irritating. Artistes are not focused and ready to meet new challenges. They are so rigid.

Tell me about your family background?
I am the third born in a family of five. I was born to the late John Turwomwe and Linda Reel. I went to Kitante Primary, Makerere College School, Namasagali, Taibah College and completed my education at Nkumba University with a Bachelor’s degree in IT.
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