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Connie Tiffs

Don’t think everyone wants to see your dirty linen

“Do not wash your dirty linen in public”, goes an English adage that has failed to register in so many people’s minds. I mean, the other day while attending a ceremony upcountry, one of the ladies stormed the venue after making a scene that left many startled.

Apparently she and her spouse got into an argument of sorts that they ended up spilling too much. In the heat of the moment, she hurled insults at her spouse, spelt out every high and low of their relationship and why the fights in their marriage keep coming. Please note that she did not stop talking and seemingly didn’t care that they were in public, before family, relatives and friends.
In a nutshell, we, the on-lookers ended up feeling more embarrassed than the dude whose image had suddenly taken an ugly twist.
Jeez!, it is such women that make it hard for the rest of the female fraternity to exist with their heads raised up high. I mean, where does this breed come from even? Who gives away such women to make homes and raise children? Isn’t it a common saying that a woman is supposed to be the epitome of humility, dignity, culture, respect, grace and everything else that falls in this line? How then can one lose it and bear all in such a careless manner? In my view, no amount of anger justifies this kind of insanity. I mean, how will this couple redeem itself from strangers like us who suddenly know the ABC of their life within a blink of an eye?
Indeed, wonders shall never end for as long as such shockers keep happening around us. We need to learn how best to address our private issues. The world does not have to know everyone’s pain, joy and grief.
At the end of the day, I blame it all on the misuse of social media. Doesn’t it all start with the irrelevant status updates and eventually trickles down to such “uncut versions of washing dirty linen in public?”


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