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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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The music video: Kiki Ekiganye – Bebe Cool



Gone are the days when Bebe Cool’s videos belonged to the league of mediocre music videos. Gone are the days when Bebe Cool shot videos on a string budget. Kiki Ekiganye continues to be a testament of Bebe Cool’s vow of outing high quality music videos. So, this is not just a music video, this is a video that speaks of an artiste who’s discovered the power of excellence in the musical arts.
Kiki Ekiganye is shot by Sasha Vybz (another man who has taken over the industry). Knowing his taste for good things, Bebe Cool borrows Katsha’s gold-plated Lamborghini which forms the highlight of this video.
While Bebe Cool is busy working out in a makeshift gym, lifting weights, this star girl arrives in the Lamborghini. At this point in time, Bebe Cool is playing cards and someone cautions him to watch out for this girl worth a sight. He then makes a frantic chase for this appealing girl who wastes no time in rejecting most of his moves. You know the kind of annoying guys who approach girls and regardless of the rejections received, they never give up? That’s the role Bebe Cool plays in this video. He plays the persistent, if not stubborn chaser as he wonders why the girl is not positive to his requests.
As far as lighting is concerned, this is a polished clear video. And every material, costume and every décor in the video is made to reflect this. It is a premium video in that sense, something to give you a touch of exclusiveness in the most genuine of ways.
Finally, it’s about the peak moments in the fully-packed club where Bebe Cool makes an energetic performance to an ecstatic audience. And with dances choreographed with finesse, we sum up a fantastic video.

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