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Revellers duped at first ever Ice Cream festival


Uganda is one country where anything connected to entertainment passes. That is probably why last Sunday, the first ever Ice cream and Cake Festival was introduced onto the local entertainment scene. But this was nothing like an Ice cream festival.

Instead, beers and wines were in plenty it could have passed for ‘liquor festival’.
Only Creambell had an ice cream stall at the venue – Uganda Museum.

There were no cakes either, most revellers settling for biscuits and sweets.

Maybe that was not annoying enough. By 4.30pm, the main stage was not yet complete.

DJs Roja and Slick-Stuart stepped on stage at 7pm and they took the audience through a blazing mixture of RnB, dancehall and local jams. After an hour on the turntables, Irene Ntale performed songs such as Gyobera, Otubatisa, Bikoola and Nzena Nzena, Olindaba and Ono Omwana.

By then, the crowd had long forgotten that they had come for icecream and settled for the performances by other artistes, including Maro and Dex.

Organisers still have time to rectify their mistakes. Hopefully next year it will be an actual ice cream festival.

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