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Singer Maro serves his guests malwa


There is a saying that East or West, home is best. This saying was well embraced by the self-proclaimed RnB Kyabazinga, Maro. The singer, who was born and raised in Nsambya Police Barracks, a place known for the highest consumption of malwa, a local brew, knew exactly what shouldn’t miss on his drinks menu during his studio grand opening. Policemen at the barracks are known to enjoy malwa every after work; this has seen their children grow up knowing their fathers enjoy the drink.
Last Friday when the singer was opening his new studio, Volume Up Records located in Kabalaga on Tirupati Mall, the drinks were on the house (imagine the excitement). But to the surprise of all, the singer was seen ferrying in a 20-litre jerrycan of malwa for his guests. Maro and his girlfriend, who worked as the bartenders of the night, kept carrying boiled water to add in the malwa for the guests, who seemingly later enjoyed themselves.
We are not sure if all the invited guests were from the barracks because at the end of the night, all the malwa jerrycans were empty.

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