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Nessim gets no time to chill with friends


Producer Nessim (R), told his fan Kagimu that because he gets no time for fun, his friends now think he is too proud for them. PHOTO by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Young producer: At 22 years, Nessim is the youngest producer in Uganda. He has produced songs for big names such as A Pass, Bebe Cool, Radio and Weasel, Maro and Konshens, among others. He met his fan Edward Kagimu from Seeta and the two shared time together.

Hi Nessim. What is your real name?
Hi Edward. My real name is Nessim Mukuza.

Is Buddies the same as Badi music?
Buddies is in Naalya and they have their own producer called Andy Music while Badi Music is owned by Bashir Lukyamuzi. It was previously called Badi Films but we decided to turn it into Badi Music because we do music too.

How did you start producing music?
I started out as a musician, and I did songs such as Summer Time. I found it easier to produce than singing so I decided to quit the singing bit to do production.

How would you describe yourself?
I am a mind creator who can tell you to do something that I have never told anyone else and it works for you. I’m a producer, singer and song writer.

How did you team up with A Pass, because he seems to be the main artiste you produce for?
A Pass is one of the artistes I started working with. So my relationship with him goes way back. In fact, some of the songs you are listening to now are old. Some songs are as old as three years.

What are some of the best songs you have ever produced?
I have a strong attachment to all the songs I produce. I can’t start mentioning one by one.

What challenges do you face as a producer?
I don’t get enough rest. I come to studio at 8am and leave only when work is done and in most cases it ends at 4am. Because of that work schedule, I don’t get time to chill with my friends and they think I’m just proud. The other challenge is that with my kind of work, I can never satisfy everyone. Some artistes are too slow, others are always complaining, some are impatient while others offer less and want quality work.

How long does it take to do a song?
I can afford to do everything in five minutes, but it all depends on what I want and the artiste also has to know what they want. Personally, I always want something fresh, that is why my songs are always different. If it is copy and paste, then a song can be done in even two minutes but I always take my time.

How much does it cost to produce a song at Badi Music studio?
We negotiate, but our studio is like a supermarket. There is no bargaining. All you have to do is talk to the people in charge and get to know the actual price.

Don’t other producers beef with you when you win awards in all the categories you get nominated in?
Recently, I invited most of the producers at Badi Music for a long chat. We seemed to all be on the same page, but I can’t disregard that beef exists because people are different. I respect every producer because everyone has something to offer.

How do you rate music back then to music now?
There is a big difference. Back then, producers and artistes focused on what was happening then, but these days, we are focus ahead — thanks to the Internet, competition and a lot of research.

Where do you see the Ugandan music industry five years from now?
Far. Artistes from other African countries have started noticing us. They are doing everything possible to penetrate our industry. They are the ones asking for collaborations.

What do you say about Dr Stella Nyanzi’s stripping?
Everyone is entitled to their actions. She had her own intentions of doing it.

What was the first song you produced?
Oli Mbuzi by Don MC alongside Otrix.

What songs followed?
You Know by Jazmine and Rabadaba, Ntunga by Goodlyf, I’m Loving by Cindy, Don MC and A Pass, Maze Okwetegereza Maro and Goodlyf, Shake Your Body by Tipp Swizzy, Maria Rosa, Be Happy and Royal by Kenzo, Same Way Jazmine and Geosteady, Byebyo by Bebe Cool, Mbera Eno by Fille and all A Pass songs, including Gamululu remix.

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