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Acute Angle

Living stress-free

My mother always reminds me that each one of us was given one life to live, which means that you are the first person liable for anything that goes on in your life; not your close friend or family, but yourself. Everyone or anything else is an extra and should be treated that way. Everyone should be in charge of their lives and not allow anyone or anything to disrupt their harmony.

You should be able to fart in your living room without questions and jeers thrown at you. You should be able to squeeze the toothpaste from the middle without anyone giving you a PowerPoint explanation on the advantages of squeezing it from the bottom. Mbu “Always leave the toilet seat down after doing your business”. Who even authored this rule? I can choose to use the toilet seat whichever way I feel like. Everyone wants to have a copywright on the way we live our lives. They want to act, write the scripts and direct our lives, even without our permission.

Funny thing is that we unknowingly invite useless people or things to stay in our lives rent-free. The people we accommodate in our lives and the thoughts that manifest in our heads are only there because we choose them to – Choose being the keyword. Holding onto stuff we can’t change, thinking so much about the past, hanging onto people, are just some ways to create our own problems.

Feeling stressed over useless things shouldn’t even be an option. I can’t be exempted though. I sometimes find myself worrying about so many things only to miss out on the good stuff. Can you imagine constantly stressing about what the future holds or what people think about you? Imagine the stress of always looking over your shoulders when you want to buy nsenene on the streets. I don’t know what’s more embarrassing; buying nsenene on the streets or failing to pay a bill in one of those high-end restaurants. The stress of not looking a certain way to other people can kill someone, I tell you.

I am certain everyone can live a life free of stress by doing the simple things. Choose to be happy. Your happiness beats everything. Anyone should find the things that make them happy and enjoy them. Anyone that threatens your happiness is the enemy and should be eliminated at the first glance. Choose not to chase people. People disappoint and that is a constant.

You cannot hand over your life to a human being. It is a lesson I have learnt over the years. Choose not to change what can’t be changed and forget the bygones. It happened, so what? You can’t be held hostage for some things that went wrong in the past. Let them go. Simply grab your beer or anything and toast to freedom, to life. That is the beauty of life. You can make some decisions and change the course of your life. Be happy, be stress-free.


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