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The track: Double trouble – Chameleone

Self-proclaimed music doctor is now the music general according to one of his latest tracks, Double Trouble. If being a music general entails being among the most consistent artistes plus a mentor of many artistes that have thrived in the industry, then Chameleone deserves it.

If you doubt, check out the Goodlyfe crew. Every year Chameleone feeds his audience with a new style that makes him stand out as a multi-genre artiste. This year he strikes out as a dancehall mistral. On this track he spits lyrics on a retro Jamaican instrumental flavoured with some afrobeats. He starts off the song with his new title, General, singing “all di riddim when you see me you see me the general…” .

On his pre chorus he warns critics singing, “we are the leader you can’t leader me..” something his fans confess. On his first verse he tells his audience never to accept to be a loser and on the second verse he tells of being in serious business and he fears no drama and that in his field he stands as a lyrical nuclear causing others trauma.

The lyrics are sound and clear, the message is receivable, especially if one wants to emulate success. The song passes for both a strong message and a danceable tune. However, not all thumbs up for this song as the pitch and tempo are not well balanced. One thing about Chameleone’s music is that it always good to listen to.

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