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Rema apologises for featuring on Museveni campaign song


Rema says she isn’t into politics

Rema Namakula yesterday came out and apologized for participating in ‘Tubonga naawe’ project on NTV after over three months of silence.

The artiste appeared on ‘The Beat’ show, a weekly entertainment programme that is hosted by Douglas Lwanga.

Rema in her words said that she was just contacted to participate in the song but never knew it would cost her.  “They contacted me to participate in a song. Just like any other musician that makes a living off singing I participated but I didn’t know that the after effects of getting involved would cost me.” I apologize for hurting some of my fans! If fans are hurt am hurt too, I’m sorry.” she said.

The artiste also took to her Facebook wall and posted that “My beautiful fans, I never take your love and support for granted.”


Rema was among the artistes who featured on ‘Tubonga naawe’ song which was the official campaign song for President Museveni but says she’s not into politics.

Apart from being involved in the song, the ‘Sitaki’ artiste never appeared on any of the president’s campaign trail like other musicians on the campaign.

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