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GNL realises acting dream in hollywood


His music career was at a level where he had never wanted it; we had also never imagined it would end just like that.
Then rapper GNL Zamba decided to put his singing career on hold. Zamba didn’t just sidestep a career he had been doing for over seven years, but he also decided to relocate to the USA.
But GNL didn’t just wake up to relocate; he planned his relocation. The singer started by hooking up a cute American chick, so when it was time to apply for a visa, he had less hassle explaining his move to the USA.
And seems his move to the US got GNL thinking about realising new potentials; and he did. We have it on good authority that he is now into acting.
The once king of Lugaflow managed to earn himself a role in a new movie that is already being shot in Hollywood. In this particular movie, GNL acts alongside Californian actor Darron Lee Campbell in a full support role as ‘his cousin.’
GNL could not hide his excitement as he took to his Facebook page to share the good news with his fans a few days ago; “my character is an entry level investment banker, raised in queens NY by my Ugandan father who works for the UN. The super talented Darren Lee Campbell is my cousin from Woodhills CA. Our mothers are sisters, we grew up together,” he said.
GNL was, however, quick to reassure his music fans that he is not about to quit as he promised that he will soon be releasing a 14-track discography from Zambaland.

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