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I’m not dating Geosteady – Lydia Jazmine


Lydia Jazmine (R) with her fans Medina and Angel. The singer hopes that this will be the year she hosts a listener’s party. Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Passionate: She recently completed school and looks like it was the moment Lydia Jazmine was waiting for. The You Know singer says she will now be talking and breathing music because that is her calling. All this and more, she tells her fans Medina and Angel when they met.

What was your first song?
Gwendota was my first track. I did it two years ago and because I was so excited about it, we shot the video using a friend’s camera but we never pushed it. It was basically for my own viewing.

What inspired you to do music?
Music is a talent I’m blessed with. I used to be a choir leader in church and I also represented my school in various musical competitions around the country. I used to watch lots of music videos and seeing the journey Juliana went through, I promised myself to go ahead and achieve my dream to become a singer. Also, my cousin Lyton Namubiru, is an artiste, although she is based in the UK. I can say she inspired me.

What schools did you go to?
I went to Victoria Nile School in Jinja for my primary school, St Mary’s Namaliga and City Land College for my O-Level and then Margaret Senior Secondary, Kikaya for my A-Level.

What challenges are you facing in the music industry?
Music is so expensive to produce these days, yet fans want the best. Recording, shooting videos, promoting the song and everything else all require money. The other challenge is the negative or false stories in the media. Those stories weaken your fanbase because they believe everything they read.

There is a rumour that you and Geosteady are dating. How true is that?
Well said – it is a rumour. We happen to have a wonderful song that is topping charts, a love song for that matter, so probably that’s what got people thinking that we were an item.

How would you describe your style of music?
I do Rn’B majorly but I can say my style is versatile. You have heard me do some Afro pop, dancehall, zouk and other genres.

When do you plan to have your first concert?
This year, Godwilling, I will be hosting a ‘Lydia Jazmine listener’s party’.

Who do you think is the best female Ugandan artiste right now?
My girl Sheebah is on top of her game. I consider lots of aspects, not only singing songs or vocals, I see a lot of energy, entertainment, character, hard work and so much more in her.

Give me your top five songs and why?
Same Way, my latest track with Geo Steady. I love it because of the lyrics, vocals, melody and message.
Musawo by Winnie Nwagi because of the vocals and message. In third place is Sheebah’s Nkwatako because it has nice grooves and the beat is fun.
Out of here is Body On Me by Chris Brown and Ritah Ora. I love Chris Brown and the song, melody, and vocals are on point, then Sorry by Justin Bieber. I love everything about him. The video is on point and there is creativity in the beats.

Congs on finishing school. Now that you are done with books, what are you planning next?
Thanks. I’m talking and doing music all the way as a career. Probably I will put up some businesses in the future.

Among your songs, which is the best and why?
You Know, which features Raba Daba was my first commercial song and you know when you do a hit song the first time, the love is beyond expected. It felt so great and up to now, I consider it my best song.

If you were not an artiste, what would you be?
Definitely a fashion designer. I love fashion and if not that, I would probably be working with some organisations or being a TV presenter.



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