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Fan meets the Sandra Suubi she didn’t know


No turning back: Ever since she won the Airtel Trace Music Star contest, Sandra Suubi’s music career has risen to a point of no return. She will soon release her first album and will also be unveiling her own band. She met her fan Brandy Abbo and the two talked about her music career.

Hi Sandra. How much did you win in the Airtel Trace Music Star competition?
I won Shs100m.

How did you spend all that money?
Well, I used part of it to run my day to day life, and I also invested some of it into things I can’t disclose in the media.

How was the Airtel Music Star experience for you?
It was awesome, humbling and exciting. I got to meet different people who have contributed to my personality now. I believe that I’m a better person and artiste because of that competition.

What have you been upto lately?
I have been working on my Anthems Of Life album that will be coming out on June 10, which also happens to be my birthday, and I will also be finishing my Master’s degree soon.

What have you been studying?
I have been studying Fine Art at Makerere University and I’m graduating in May.

Who are some of your music inspirations?
That would be Elly Wamala (RIP), Whitney Houston (RIP), Angelique Kidjo and Adele, to mention but a few.

Musicians today seem to be comfortable playing instruments. What are you comfortable playing?
I’m good with the guitar. But as soon as I’m done with books, I will experiment with other instruments.

When did you realise that you wanted to be an artiste?
Before even taking part in Trace stars, I was in a girl group called Xabu. We mainly did RnB and Soul music, but we experimented with other kinds of sound. I used to participate in almost all singing competitions, performing at weddings before my chance struck.

Who is Sandra Suubi for someone out there who doesn’t know you?
I’m strong with vocals and I am a staunch Christian who rose to fame after winning the Airtel Trace Music Star Uganda competition in 2015. My music is an exploration and response to the different experiences in life, with strong emphasis on context, experimentations and vocals.

Do you come from a musical family?
Yes. We have a family choir as the Kasule grandchildren, called Nezikokolima. We sing our family anthem called Kisa Kya Tekitegerekeka whenever we are invited for a function. Why then wouldn’t I come from a musical family?

Is there a difference between Sandra the artiste and Sandra Suubi the person?
I am the same person, except that my bank account is heavier, I have an opportunity to speak and people listen, I’m recognised, but the character hasn’t changed at all.

What drives you?
The need and want to share.

What advice would you give someone out there who wants to be like you?
Do a lot of research, take time, know what you want, go after it with everything you have got, but first, have passion.


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