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If you have it, go on and flaunt it

For a very longtime now, we have endeavored to advise people to live within their means. Those who have ears have listened.

Have you ever come across a situation where someone clearly has what it takes to have everything they need under the sun but instead choose to play the modesty game?
Such situations can really get annoying. You have heard and seen people who hide and wait for the world to leave before they can enter their plush cars to go home. The sort that will dress up like paupers, go to the cheapest places to have a meal just to prove to the world that they are indeed at the same level with everyone kumbe they have all the dimes to live large whenever they choose to.
So what is wrong with flaunting what you have if you can indeed sustain it? What do such people think they owe to the world that they have to lead a sorry life before everyone and keep “broke appearances”? And if they did live like the life they deserve, what harm would that have on them anyway, huh?
I think we need to style up. If you have what it takes to live a good life, please know that it is okay. It is okay for poor people to exist with the rich. It is okay for them to live in the fab lane and still be comfortable in their own skins. And no one will bite them for doing so.
We all know some of these chaps will feign lines like “I am not a spendthrift” then please, if you are not one, stop hiding and living like a broke lad. Raise that head and move on to all the charities that could use that dime and stop pretending to live like a pauper yet the status reads otherwise! Aaargh!


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