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Just let go of the lies and let live

It’s 4am and someone updates their status on social media that they have failed to sleep. Ten minutes later they change it to; “sleeping off finally, yay, thanks to my attentive honey!” An hour later another one comes through. A photo of them having breakfast, with a caption to match. The updates keep coming week after week like the couple’s life depends on social media. Some people have excess energy to burn, I swear!

I mean, has it occurred to such people that it is okay to have a relationship off the social platform? Are they aware that there is absolutely no crime in doing so and no one will penalise them if they did otherwise? Do they realise how ridiculous they look as they try to keep up appearances and in the end tell lies in the name of maintaining a meaningless trend? I mean, if it made sense at all, why then do we get only the glossy details and when the hurdles kick in, it is never posted anywhere? Why are such people determined to complicate their life by making everything they do a public affair?
All headache starts with living a lie, so the less pressure one exerts on themselves to live up to uncalled for expectations, the better. Besides, why should one let the public judge them or get a clear sense of what runs in their brains by posting the unnecessary?
Such people should learn that they do not owe anyone an explanation about life and what they do behind closed doors. Otherwise, if they want the exposure so badly, then let them start a reality show, that way it will save their brains, and fingers the trouble to keep up with the hassle of editing and updating statuses for the public that hardly cares.
It is hard to make sense of this whole drama because whichever way one chooses to look at it, it is a complete waste of effort. In the end, it will remain okay to have a private life off social media, regardless of one’s status or what the mind dictates.
It is a choice for one to do the needful and let the headache stop. It is that simple!


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