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The dvd: The escort


I was worried about watching this movie because there are so many movies about this escort business that I could not imagine this particular one being different. It is a story of Mitch (Michael Doneger), a journalist who is out of a job and is desperate for a good story. To make matters worse or interesting he is a sex-addict. During his hunt, Mitch bumps into a high-class escort, Natalie (Lyndsy Fonseca) who he starts following.

Right from the start, he could tell that he had his comeback story. Now the challenge was how to get the content for it because sometimes it seemed like Natalie wanted to only use him. From hanging around each other most of the times, these people’s lives become intertwined and as feelings get in the way, will we still get a story?

There is a lengthy quote I picked from here, one of those that called for an “aaaawwww” moment.
It goes, “You see enough unfaithful husbands and you start to question the notion of love and then when you finally experience it for yourself you see what all the fuss is about and you can’t imagine not having that person in your life and you feel like you would do anything to make them feel the same way about you.” Is that correct for so many love stories?
The acting is pretty good, nothing really outstanding but good. Natalie looks and acts high end escort well.


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