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UBC TV hires ‘Museveni’


Well, let’s rephrase that headline a little bit: a comedian who mimics President Museveni has landed a deal to become a presenter on UBC TV starting next month. We can reliably confirm that Herbert Mendo Ssegujja, aka Sevo, who has become a household name for imitating the country’s top man, signed a contract with the national broadcaster earlier this week.
According to a top UBC manager, Sevo – who is part of the Fun Factory outfit and famous for his TV character Teacher Mpamire – will be holding a weekly comical show. “Unlike the President who appears on television to tackle serious issues, Mendo will wear the look and accent of the President with the aim to tickle your ribs,” the source told us.
Speaking during a phone interview, Mendo promised to unleash new ideas and new jokes with vigour as he looks to make the weekly show as relevant and entertaining as possible. “I’m very excited to be able to “address the nation on the national broadcaster,” Mendo said.
We also have it on good authority that UBC TV is undergoing thorough programme restructuring, and by the look of things, ‘The Mendo Comedy Show’ might be one of the many new programmes being introduced.


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