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Singer Aganaga drops out of Makerere University



New dad – singer Khalifa Aganaga – just set a record; not a very good one though. He is the only musician to have attended two universities since the turn of the decade and he still has no qualification – six years later.
Yes, around this time in 2014, Aganaga was warming up to resume studies at Makerere University, where he had enrolled in 2011, only to end up investing his tuition money into his music career.
Well, while we cannot say he made a wrong choice, we could not fail to notice the effect it has had on his academic life.
Although he returned to pursue his Bachelors in Music Dance and Drama degree two years ago, rumour is that Aganaga only attended a few classes last year, and the administration had no choice but to show him the exit.
But you have to give it up for Aganaga, for not being a quitter and sticking to his goal – to at least attain a university degree.
Earlier this week, we received news that Aganaga had enrolled for yet another degree course – a Bachelors in Business Administration at Cavendish University in Nsambya.
Aganaga cited a “busy schedule” as the reason he could not handle things at MUK.
We are not sure if Cavendish University will offer Aganaga a special study programme to suit his busy schedule, but all we pray for is for him to at least walk home with a degree after three years.

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