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Rapper Keko to officially introduce lover to parents


The news about her going to rehab was laughable, but sad. It was quite shocking, but when you see the results of the rehab, you will applaud Keko and the people around her for taking the bold step.
Although earlier rumours had indicated that the rapper had been taken to Butabika hospital sometime last year, the rapper told us that she had been to Nakasero Hospital where she underwent rehabilitation.
Keko, whose troubles ignited by drugs misuse, did not have the best time in the correction facility, but she is proud to state that her nine months recovery did not go to waste.
The singer recently started up a non-profit organisation known as Sober Up Soar High (SUSH), through which she uses her past as reference to preach and sensitise teenagers on the dangers of drug abuse.
Well, a lot seems to have changed about Keko and this can be seen from her presentations to the different schools she has visited while preaching the anti-drugs gospel.
And after speaking to students at Kisubi High on Women’s Day, the rapper whispered to one of our writers that she had news for them.
When the two stepped aside, Keko revealed that she had plans to make her relationship official very soon. Keko said she has a special person that touched her heart and she intends to officially introduce him to her parents.
Hope this puts to rest doubts about the rapper’s sex orientation.

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