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Frank Walusimbi remains put at NTV

Ignore all earlier rumours, Frank Walusimbi is still at NTV and is there to stay. Yes, the Akawungezi news anchor and Tuwaye presenter came out earlier this week and denied rumours that he was set to move to another TV station.
“That’s a falsehood,” Walusimbi told us in a chat about numerous stories making rounds that he was on his way to join the new BBS TV.
We had run a similar story last week, but after the chat with Walusimbi, we discovered that our source at BBS TV had a dishonest agenda.
Other sources at NTV, however, maintained that people from the new TV channel had approached Walusimbi and a few other names at the station severally, but no consequential conclusion had been arrived at.
Walusimbi, on the other hand, expressed disinterest to feature in media stories: “I am not one person who wants to throw my details in the press… people are busy with their businesses,” the calm Walusimbi told us.
A highly placed source at NTV Uganda confirmed to us that Walusimbi might not be leaving the station anytime soon after all.
Our sincere apologies for last week’s misleading article.

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