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Bebe Cool throws jibes at FDC leader Kizza Besigye

Last Monday, FDC officials announced a boycott of people not working every Thursday in response to the incarceration of their leader Dr Kizza Besigye and it with this effect that Bebe Cool, a renowned NRM diehard and a prominent musician decided to take it upon himself to look around if the boycott had any effect.
“After the FDC press conference where they asked Ugandans to close their businesses every Thursday to prove bla bla black, I made it a point to go through town to check out the businesses owned by the leader.”
He posted before adding that he was surprised to see one of Besigye’s petrol stations operating. “Total petrol station in Nsambya is where I stopped. To my surprise it was open as usual and I decided to buy some fuel to support the opposition leader in his endeavor to make money, eradicate poverty and lead a good life.”
The artiste who has been branded by many as a hypocrite because of his allegiance to the ruling party further said that a true leader leads by example as well as sharing the pain with his people.

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