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Bebe Cool bashes FDC party boycott plans- You are a weak party


Mr Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has bashed the calls by FDC party to boycott Museveni  and Tubonga Nawwe artistes activities  as “cheap politics”, saying FDC should concentrate on showing them what “we can do better not what we have done wrong”.

Mr Ssali, one of the lead artists in the Tubonga Nawe project, which famously participated in the re-election of Mr Museveni also the move by FDC shows their perfect weakness, wondering how a man in Dr Besigye’s image could ascent to that.

“How can Dr Besigye support such an idealist agenda that seeks to blackmail one of the most vibrant sectors of Uganda?” Bebe Cool posed.

“This is unfortunate, especially from a party like FDC. This is a democratic country and we as people who participated in the Tubonga Nawe project had a choice to make,” he added.

FDC party officials led by spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda and Kampala lord mayor Eriasa Lukwago while speaking to the press at Najjanakumbi advised supporters to boycott shows by artistes leaning to NRM.

“Even if you hear their songs in the commuter taxi, move out ,” Mr Lukwago said.

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