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Acute Angle

The acute angle:The women we won’t celebrate

Tuesday March 8 was Women’s Day and as usual women around the world were showered with praises for their contributions in various areas. I must say I was astounded by how many women have achieved and continue to achieve. Women walk through the corridors of power and wield influence that it’s hard to downplay the role of women anywhere. They have grown more influential in places of work as they continue to rise through the ranks and occupy executive positions. Women are taking over everywhere and some would like to believe that they “run the world”. This is arguable but you can’t downplay it completely. Well, if your madam always watches TV while you suffocate on kitchen smoke trying to fix her a meal, she is not only running your life but ruining it as well. Man up boss and take charge.

In all honesty, women have become a key cog in society but you cannot pretend to ignore the many women who haven’t lived up to expectations. For every Winnie Byanyima, there is a girl who unfairly got her way to the top. They are beautiful and attract attention everywhere they go, relatively successful and seem to have it all. Question is. Do they? We have many such women whose rise to the top has fooled many but I guess we were trained not to ask too many questions. But again, who are these women that shouldn’t be celebrated?
The “I am entitled to everything because I am a woman” type. There are chicks who have decided to play it safe. They tend to expect everything to fall in place for them because someone will always favour the ladies. They expect everyone to listen to their whims as they come up with excuses not to follow their dreams. We know them but kudos to those that chase their dreams.
The “I got the body and face to own anything” type. Madam, we live in a real world and if you have nothing more to offer than a pretty face and nice body, you are deadbeat. Finished. One will argue that if you can sleep your way to the top, there shouldn’t be fuss about it. The reality is that the speed with which you rose is the same with which you will fall. If you bank on your body to pay bills, Women’s Day wasn’t for you. Ladies, make your worth known with substance. Substance got through education, the decisions you make in life and the people you associate with. Sexy is not how short your dresses appear but how much you achieve genuinely.
The “overly emancipated and somewhat uncontrollable” type. You must know of ladies who rack up Masters degrees, PhDs, get good jobs and start feeling too untouchable. They lose touch with society, feel that they are the bosses at home and start to ignore their children and their hubbies. Ladies, emancipation is supposed to level the ground. Don’t abuse it. All in all, carry on with the good work. Happy Women’s week!

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