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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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The music video: Self-Contained – big eye



What makes a Star Boss? That is the follow-up title to Big Eye’s name. Previously he was a professor, now he has rebranded to a Star Boss. To get a clear understanding of this Star Boss title, watch the Self-contained video. Single-handedly, he takes a viewer from the beginning to the end, capturing their attention and interest to the very end, not losing one along the way. Rather, working up their curiosity levels, erasing every strain of monotony and serving the viewer the best dish for the eyes which is the self-contained video.
This video is not just self-contained, it is self-made. In the sense that Big Eye does the dancing, he does the singing and he does the acting. He takes supreme control of the video down to the simple details. It is as though he chose to bear the cross of responsibility, whatever was to go wrong in this video, was to be blamed on him. He is everything in the video. Except for the addition of this self-contained girl, take out Big Eye out of this video and it will be a total black-out.
He makes the right choice of location. A white mansion situated by a lakeside, the lush-green gardens, and the gigantic palm trees. It is the colour combinations that strike one as evidence of well-thought out concepts. Take the example of the green reflections in the mansion windows. Or how Big Eye’s clothing colours rotate around the white, red and black. It all adds to the crystal clarity in this video, further enhanced by the natural lighting. It is as though the energy Big Eye brings to the video over-flows and keeps bouncing off the video onto the viewer. Yes, the video is self-contained; it has everything one desires in a music video with the exception of special effects.

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