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The music video: Kabiskwit – Don MC



The French would say, c’est tres banal. Yes, this music video is very ordinary, and all the things that go with commonplace art. From the vixen with her outdated dark sunglasses, a checkered costume and a weather-beaten maroon weave, we start the grueling journey of watching this music video. Immediately, the two dudes in their baseball caps, phony jewellery aka bling bling, pull off an awed look at seeing this stunningly beautiful girl. Call this girl the kabiskwit. Then the girl heads to Don MC’s side and begins dancing suggestively. Boom, story completed in minutes.

It doesn’t matter what part you begin watching this video or where you end, you won’t miss a thing. Magical isn’t it? You could stop half-way and you will still know everything about it. I found that depressing for a viewer. It speaks of a lack of creativity, effort and dedication in trying to create a work deserving for the viewer’s eyes.
Whereas less is always more, the makers of this video take this idea in its literal sense. We have all watched videos of a girl descending down stairs. We have all watched a video where two men can’t stop ogling at a pretty girl. We have all watched a video where all the magic happens at the balcony. At the end of the day, what more did this video bring to the grand scale of things? Maybe, it is another of those videos meant to escort an already struggling audio song. What better ways to save money than to seek the cheapest option?
Gladly, there was light at the end of the tunnel. That light was the assurance that the video would end in less than four minutes. Does a critic need an assurance beyond that? Never for such a music video.

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