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Stop underestimating jobs – Bebe Cool advises the youths


President Museveni visits Bebe Cool after he was shot sometime back

Apparently, Bebe Cool is one of the most hated artistes in Uganda simply because he backed up president Museveni and his NRM party in the just concluded Presidential elections but however much the public critics him, the artiste still continues to give them a piece of his mind and the latest is that he has advised the youths to work smart and focus on self-employment.
“My advice to the youth, stop under estimating jobs, work smart, don’t personalize business, identify the successful and associate with them, learn something from a person living better than you, accept defeat, stop focusing on being employed and focus on self-employment by being creative, believe in yourself, stop being jealousy, appreciate your life, trust in yourself but of all believe in God, ask when you don’t know, stop finding excuses for failure but address the issue, too much education is good but too much of anything is bad, focus on success not what you feel u want.” he said.
However, the ‘Everywhere I go’ artiste also alerted people to forget about the politics because some benefited out of it while others didn’t. “Pliz stop talking too much politics, it’s a new day. Winner or loser, check your pocket and see if it has money and if it doesn’t, go do something about it.”

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