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No partying, no girls for A Pass


No, this has nothing to do with A Pass being turned down by his longtime crush – NTV’s Flavia Tumusiime. Dancehall singer A Pass says it is a promise he made to himself; he wants to spend the rest of his 20s busy working.
“I made a promise to me that I am spending my entire 20s on the hustle/hard work,” A Pass said. The singer’s new resolution came moments after he released his latest gospel song titled Tutuuka Di! Although A Pass did not come out to say his latest song had a lot to do with his resolution, sources close to the Wuuyo singer confirmed that he felt the urge to be more fruitful when he listened to the final edition of the song, after picking it from studio.
“We all thought he was joking, but to our utter shock, he went ahead and posted the same on social media,” the source told us. In his post, A Pass highlighted two major aspects that he will avoid to be able to attain his goal: “partying and girls”.
In his explanation, A Pass told us that he made the decision because he feels everyday that passes is a big deal to him. Well, we would like to ask. How many young people out there are willing to follow suit?

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