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Navio launches new album in Nairobi


Rapper Navio has always stood out. And it is not just about the way he drops his rhymes, it is more about his aggressiveness in spreading his brand and talent to the world.
Just days ago, Navio released a duet with Nigerian star Burna Boy. The singer has in the past recorded with several international musicians, including some from USA.
Well, in what seems like a bid to tighten his grip on the East African market, the Ngalo rapper decided to take the launch of his latest album to Nairobi. No, don’t think about rushing to Nairobi, you will be very late.
Navio launched his new album titled The Chosen, at the plush Ebony Lounge in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya yesterday.
Sources within Navio’s camp told us that the rapper intends to launch his new album in different countries across Africa, before he crosses to Europe, Asia and America.
And according to our sources, while at it, Navio intends to record duets with different music stars in every country he goes to.
Navio is yet to announce a date for the unveiling of his album back home.

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