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Kats and Fille deny separation rumours


First things first, please join us in congratulating events host MC Kats upon hosting his first European gig ever. Yes, in his more than 15-year emceeing span, the only overseas stint on Kats’ CVwas an event he hosted in South Sudan.
But thanks for his hard work, Kats finally flew to the UK where he hosted a couple of gigs since Valentine’s Day.
But there was much more to Kats’ UK trip beyond just hosting events. The MC finally put to rest rumours that suggested he had broken up with his fiancée, singer Fille Mutoni. Shortly before they set off for the UK, tabloids and gossip sites were spreading rumours that the two had broken up.
The rumours also indicated that Fille was hunting for a new manager.
However, while in the UK, Kats kept posting pictures of him and Fille and kept emphasizing, “with bae” almost in every photo he posted.
And before they returned home, Kats told us that some elements in the media were up to something sinister: “They started it all; they called Fille and insisted that they were aware she had left me. She told them she was visiting her mum before the trip, but as usual, they went ahead and published their imaginations.” Well, message received. But, when is the wedding guys?

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