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Don’t reason with your bellies – Bobi Wine tells artistes


He is very calculative; you simply can’t take that away from singer Bobi Wine.
As his comrades turned up to dine with President Museveni last year, Bobi posted a photo of him with FDC presidential candidate Kizza Besigye.
And a few weeks to the presidential election, Bobi dropped a new hit titled Dembe, and boy did the song become a hit overnight! Thanks to media allegations that UCC had banned the song from being played on any radio station. Well, the song also tackles a few issues that are not familiar in public discussions. In the song, Bobi sings about voter bribery, overstaying in power and embracing peaceful change of leadership.
Well, with a few days to election day, Bobi decided to send his friends on the campaign trail a message. He urged them to use their voices to create awareness about the plight of common Ugandans; “Your voice is very strong in this nation and that is why you get paid by politicians to sing their praises. Please use the same voices to create awareness about the plight of common Ugandans. No one is going to represent your people if you don’t…!” Bobi’s post read in part.
Bobi was also the first to comment on his own post; “I am not here to campaign for anybody, I am here to open your eyes. To let you know that change is necessary, to demand the leaders to fulfill their old promises before making new ones and most importantly to encourage my comrades to think with their brains not their bellies.”
One word for Bobi!

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