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Hustler : Francheska Nyakaisiki (XZYL)


Francheska says respect for her clients is what has seen her through her DJ job. PHOTO by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Mixing it up: She went to school to perfect an art she has loved since childhood – music. Five years into the business, Francheska Nyakaisiki, aka XZYL, says her biggest challenge is the misconception about how much she can do, and men who judge her by her provocative dress code.

How would you describe your line of work?
I am a DJ. I play in nightclubs and on radio.

When did you join deejaying?
I started in 2011, around April and my first TV debut was on NTV’s Xposed show. I was nervous because playing music for an hour on TV felt like a week.

What inspired you to do this job that is perceived to be for men?
My father collected almost everything music; records, speakers, headphones, compact discs, name it. He had a sound system at home whose bass speaker I always dragged next to my bed at night to listen to slow ballads. Also my drive to prove that I can do anything inspired me.

Which places have you deejayed at?
NTV, NBS TV, Urban TV and Juice FM where I am currently stationed. I have also played at Kyadondo Rugby Club, V-Pub, Bubbles, and currently I am deejaying at Diners Lounge and Asylum bar.

How much do you charge to deejay at a function and nightclub?
It depends on the kind of event, the amount of time they require me to play, equipment availability, the venue, and after doing the Maths, we negotiate.

What challenges do you get in this line of work?
I am undermined most of the time. I can walk into a room and it is written on so many people’s faces “What can this one do?” Aside from that, my dress code is very provocative so I get a lot of advances from men.

There are few female DJs in Uganda. How different are you from the rest?
I am good at what I do because I do it out of passion. I do not look at it as a job, but rather look forward to doing it with lots of excitement.

Did you study deejaying?
Yes, at Platinum Deejays Academy.

Give three reasons someone out there should hire you.
Professionalism is key, for instance; I respect the client, I respect the function by keeping time, and I respect my job. My purpose is to entertain. You want the third reason? I am a DJ, I talk with my hands more than I do with my mouth.

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