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Davis Ntare’s comeback


Returning home: After winning Tusker Project Fame 4 in 2010, he released a single, Sheka, Sheka but did not stay on the music scene for long. Next we heard Davis Ntare was in Nairobi. Douglas D Sebamala spoke to the singer about what he was up to and why he is back in K-town.
Tusker Project Fame has released musical sensations, who, unfortunately, never make it as successfully in the local music market. For Davis Ntare, it has been only a matter of time. Releasing Sheka Sheka after the competition in 2010 and featuring on the Whistle Anthem with a number of artistes, Ntare went silent.
However, 2015 and now 2016 have gradually seen him return to the local scene in the hope of reviving his career. At the Milege World Music Festival in November last year and recently in concert at Bubbles with rapper Ruyonga and a string of young artistes, Ntare’s voice proved to be one that we might get to love this year.
His vocal quality was even stronger and with its hoarse and husky texture, he might draw out the league of Esther, the first Ugandan Tusker Project Fame winner, who, unfortunately, has not withstood the test of time. We asked him about his return to music.

Davis, what have you been up to and why return now?
I was in Nairobi for some time doing live music, and now I am back to give people back home a taste of what Ntare can do.

Do we have any new stuff?
I already have trending videos, including Walking on Water with Atlas and I Wanna Be Your Man. I am also compiling a 20-track album for this year because I am hosting a concert around Easter at Kampala Serena Hotel and that will be my first concert ever.

How have you been preparing for this?
I have a band. It is about a year old here and we have been playing around Kampala, performing at Bubbles, Gatto Matto, JazzVille, Serena, Sheraton and other places. Now we are compiling music for a big concert. The problem though, is that people think only artistes who are trending are the ones whose music is playing on TV and radio.

How do you think you are going to win back the hearts of your fans?
People might forget you because you have been away for long, but they still have you at heart. They find me and tell me they still love my music. Even before I returned, I found people were showing support and I really loved it. It is encouraging to go to a different setting and return to find that people still love my music.

Looking back, do you feel you have grown since your time in Tusker Project Fame?
As Davis, my voice has really grown, my skills too because of the experience of doing this over and over. Most artistes want to play back but I believe in live music. If someone wants to listen to your music, they will buy your CD and go listen to it at home. Even when I am performing at any show, I tell my promoters it ought to be live.
Any titles from your latest works?
Kyange Naawe, is about two lovers having a good time. A Valentine’s Day of sorts with your lover, candles everywhere, its dark; you know the mood that creates- a love mood. In the song I’m telling my baby to “sit down, chill, the night is ours, don’t rush anything, let’s take our time and enjoy the moment”
Then Stay For A While, is about her going far away and I am going to miss her, “when you’re gone I’m sad”, you know what transpires in love and relationships.

The Music
The other songs on Ntare’s 20-track album include Mr. DJ with an Afro-Naija sound that is upbeat and quite danceable. It fits quite well into club bangers in Uganda. There are interesting collaborations due to come through with Vampos, The Mith, Collo and Sauti Sol.

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