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Date with a celeb : I miss my brother everyday – Levixone

Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe

A dream come true: Eric Mudamba has been listening to Levixone’s music on radio, watching it on TV stations and reading about him in newspapers. He wanted to meet this gospel star and voila.
What is your real name?
Sam Lucas Lubyogo.

How did you start your music career?
I started doing music when I was 13 years old. It was around this time that I recorded my first album after meeting Crystal Fabulous, Tickitah, and the late Mark Elvis. Those guys inspired me a lot.

Did you finish school?
Unfortunately no. I stopped in Senior Four because the organisation, Fields of Life, which was sponsoring me, stopped the offer and I had to look for money, which was not easy. I ended up quitting to focus on my music career.

What part of the country do you come from?
People do not want to believe that I am a Muganda. Well, my mother is a Munyarwanda and I do not have any details about my dad because I have never seen him. It is a long story which you would not want to hear. I never experienced fatherly love. I only follow what the Bible says “God is the father of the fatherless” and every elderly person who wishes me well is my father.
What challenges have you faced in your career?
I will say negative words because in life people come to either abort your dreams or give you what you deserve. I have been despised a lot and people have always advised me to change from who I am. Someone comes and tells you “Levixone, you can do better if you exclude the word Jesus from your music”.

Why did you choose the stage name Levixone?
I was once called Leviticus and people had started referring to me by that name, but I had to change because a lot of upcoming artistes were using the same name yet my mission was to hook souls for Jesus. Besides, it is a Bible name and I had to choose wisely on how to handle this. I realised that I inspired some artistes, so I prayed and fasted that God helps me find a suitable name and He did. It took me some time to come up with the name and it makes sense. Levi stands for Leviticus and then the Xone means onetime. I coined that in 2012.

Which church do you pray from?
Word of Life Community Church in Kosovo, a Kampala suburb and my pastor is Deo Mwanjje.
What is that one thing you will never forget?
I will never forget my brother Mark Elvis who passed away in 2013. I think about him every day, I will never get tired of talking about him. He was a very big inspiration for my career and in knowing about God.

What would I do to hook a collaboration with you?
That is easy but I would recommend that we be friends first. Then, I can get to know your weaknesses musically, how I can improve your career and we pick it up from there.

Where do you see gospel music in the next five years?
I had started to hate that question but I have to answer it. I have seen many people’s hearts change because of gospel music. In five years, I see people loving God more through our messages and I won’t say it will be on top because personally, I have always believed it has been on top.
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