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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs :Woman, sometimes all we want is for you to shut up

“When you see a group of women seated at a round table, just expect fire!”, said a man seated next to me at a cafe the other day. This statement had me thinking, and you know what? Yes, women love to talk, share experiences, plans, you name it. After all, aren’t we the mothers of the nation? A statement a good number take pride in, right?

However, while we might find every reason to refute that statement, it does sound interesting in a way. For example, have you ever been around a group of irritating women, who yap about every nonsensical topic as they brag about this and that, from shoes, families, friends, to the tiniest detail such as the scents they wear?
Well, I landed on one such woman the other day. This chick, who showed up with her husband at an all-girls do, decided to have every statement in her sentence starting with “my husband…”
“My husband eats less of the pork because he is vegetarian… My husband stopped me from losing weight after assuring me that he loves me the way I am… My husband please pass me my bag… My husband…” Ooh! The story goes on…
The pain in hearing how she abused the word “My husband” was just enough to irritate all the guests present. And indeed “fire” followed as the other women sarcastically made her shut up.
For starters, who carries “her husband” to an all-women’s do? And who chooses such a platform to play PR as they blow for him and the family they left behind? Oba it only makes sense if the person in context suits the picture being painted, but if they are the opposite, why bother?
Anyway, some women ought to learn that not every platform is an opportunity to say the unnecessary. Just do it when it is right and save the world the headache of putting you in place after you have lost it!

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