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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : Sorry Monalisa, but we told you so!


In August 2015, we all had our attention driven to the marriage between youthful local musician, Guvnor Ace, 29, and Swedish national Monalisa, 68.
From the registrar of marriages’ chambers, where the ceremony was held to the reception, everything was a spectacle.
This union had us all talking. Even when the two insisted that they were soulmates made in heaven, many watched in doubt as the countdown to the expiry date of their marriage kicked in.
Sadly, seven months down the road, the bolts to which the relationship hinged have given way and the lovely ensemble that was Guvnor Ace and Monalisa is no more, if we are to go by news doing rounds and the latter’s post on her Facebook account.
Apparently, the dude scattered off with another Ugandan chick based in Norway, leaving her sad and blue.
Trust some of these Ugandans mehnnn! Oba when will the world learn from the many lessons that life keeps throwing at them? If one remembers the look on this guy’s face as he sang praises over his “old new flame”, they will believe that indeed human beings can be shameless. As is the “love is blind” scenario in the old lady’s case.
While we might sympathise with her, we need to learn some lessons. One cannot have majority of the social critics (from a foreign country) prophesying doom on a marriage and they still remain confident that things will go on well.
Maybe we know how things be here, you know? Yes, we can tell a conman from the word go, so when we shout and make noise, we probably know where it is headed.
So sorry Monalisa, but we told you so. As for you Guvnor Ace, Eeish! Words fail me, without a doubt!


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