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Acute Angle

The acute angle :The time is now, get out there and vote


Campaign season is climaxing and next week, we might just have a new president and a bunch of other new leaders. The past few months have given everyone chance to have opinion on who should run the country. The social media world has been busy with very many people either cheering on or spewing hatemail. The funny memes mocking our presidential candidates have kept us entertained but time has come for us to finally be a part of the change we always make noise about. For months, you have called President Museveni all sorts of names and slandered his government but all that is useless if you do not lift your lazy butt and vote for whoever you think is fit to lead the country.
If you think that the system of voting might be flawed, what have you used your constitutional right for? Your vote is one thing that should be true to you. A measure of your conscience. A testimony of how you feel about the country, not a bunch of words put together to make a Facebook post. Your vote is that one thing that should not come at a price. You could have been bribed by some power-hungry politicians but that ballot paper is where your voice lies. If the state of your country bothers you so much, the least you can do is vote for its reprival. Its salvation. Do not just criticise and do nothing.
There is so much rhetoric thrown around in manifestos. So many promises but none of them is realistic. Politicians love to talk big. We get drawn into their big moving speeches and eventually miss the big picture. However much politicians give us their jazz of how they are willing to die for us, many of them have ulterior motives. In fact, many of them are simply looking for a career. They do not give a damn about the plight of people. They are called public servants but are more interested in serving their stomachs. It is plain and simple.
The country could be headed in the right direction with your help and your vote. Stand alone and vote for real solutions not reputations. The future of Uganda is bright and you have a stake in it, so urge everyone to go and be part of the elections. Do not stay home when others are voting only to claim the votes were stolen. That will be sheer foolishness. The time is now, go and vote, but vote wisely!


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