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The track : Sawa ya beer – Radio and weasel

This duo have been labelled drunkards in different tabloids. On their latest track, Sawa Ya Beer, which means Time for beer in English, one may assume the latter to be true or that they wrote this song under the influence. In the lyrics, Sawa Ya Beer could pass for another song praising beer. Far from it, the song is actually intended to promote responsible consumption of alcohol. Sang in Luganda and English, the lyrics highlight the positive and negative effects of consuming alcohol and at the end caution people to drink responsibly. The language diversity allows the message in the song to reach a large crowd. This song is built on an afrobeat instrumental finished with Radio’s signature vocals coupled with Weasel’s ragga feel, giving the audience a sound sweet to the ear and yet danceable. Radio kicks off the song with the chorus, speaking happy notes of sharing beer with his peers, he then takes on the first verse telling reasons why different people drink alcohol. On the second verse, Weasel checks in with a coarse voice, warning of excessive drinking as it has complications. Weasel also speaks of drinking at the right time and not to use alcohol as an excuse for bad actions. To conclude the song, Weasel asks listeners in his last words… “drink responsibly, don’t drink responsibly, are you ready now to drink responsibly?”


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