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The track :Ndiwabulijo – Benezeri ft Reazy


If there is an artiste I refused to call upcoming, it is Benezeri. One can call him a focused professional. This is evident in his latest track Ndiwabulijo featuring Reazy. This rapper has a way he picks out artistes with the right sound and profile to feature on his songs; artistes slightly a step above, or below his level, which allows a chemistry between them, coupled with hard work. Secondly, Benezeri also thinks of artistes from different genres to create a blend that will not only be soothing to the ear, but also be a piece of art that propels his career. Well, on this track he feeds his fans with a zouk sound. Produced by Ledra, a fresh act in the music scene, this song has a danceable instrumental mainly influenced by a bass and piano. Benezeri sticks to rap, taking on all the verses on the track, telling a story of this girl whom he assures of consistency as her lover. In his lyrics, he tells his lover of how he did not expect her to accept him at the beginning since he had nothing. In the second verse, he flatters her with words such as “… when I look into your eyes omusana gwaka (the sun shines)…” simply meaning she brightens his life. His lyrics develop with every track he releases. Reazy, on the other hand, does a good job on the chorus, with smooth reggae vocals that perfectly sync in. This song is almost perfect except that it needed professional ears before it came out. The production misses some aspects of audio output, but for his level, all is well.

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