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The music video : Omwana Wa Bandi – Radio & Weasel


January came, January has gone but music videos of poor quality persist. For a song as good as this one, it is a shocker that the video turns out to be the opposite. It is as if there was a conspiracy not to get anything right in this music video. The viewer will notice that not even the simplest things are executed as required. We all know that a wine glass ought to be held by the stem, both Radio and the girl choose the contrary and hold it by the bowl. They had only one job and they failed at it.
We get to the story line, and all hell breaks loose. Our playboy Radio is in a club in the awesome company of another man’s wife. The man is alerted by friends and he rushes to the club with a group of policemen who bundle up a resisting Radio into a police car. The rest of the story line is about Weasel singing on club chairs till the end. No big deal, no twist, nothing memorable for the viewer.
Speaking of locations, what is the obsession of Ugandan music videos with night clubs? Should every romantic story line rotate around a night club? Finally, one has to handle the final disappointment as evidenced in the blurry and shadowy lighting. It is all dark spots in the night club and the eyes struggle to get hold of the shaky shots.
The video does no justice whatsoever to the audio. It is a video that should be re-imagined and re-done for the sake of the viewers who expect some excellence out of such works of art.


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