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The music video : Musawo – Winnie Nwagi


For those interested in putting Winnie Nwagi on a weighing scale against Desire Luzinda, this is the video for you. For those fascinated by watching the chubby Winnie Nwagi execute a great deal of dance strokes, this is the video. For those interested in watching three flabby girls take over your screen for four minutes, again, this is the video for you. For those interested in knowing the latest weave that is seated on the throne that is Nwagi’s head, this is also for you.
If you ever wanted some close-up shots of Winnie Nwagi, this video presents the perfect opportunity. Thanks to the beauty radiated by her smile both on her lips and in her eyes, the video does not slide into monotony with these close-ups. Nonetheless, nothing magical happens here.
But for those who are interested in things far better than this, those who search for the salt in a music video, those who are carried away by the script, we apologise; this is not your video. This video is not for you if you want that carefully-crafted storyline because it has none anyway. You could search in other places. Except for this one guy who knocks on Nwagi’s door, walks her out to a date, there is nothing indicative of a love doctor.
The video starts on a low, moves on a low and ends with a slump. Truth be told, Musawo is a repetitious and boring video. It is devoid of interesting scenes or special effects to enhance its romantic appeal. It is simply another four minutes of hanging around with Winnie Nwagi, which for most men is not bad after all. With so many music videos out there, this video fails to rise above the noise and won’t be gathering any substantial attention other than this review.

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