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The music video > Met A Man – Solome Basuuta


I have a confession to make. I was very convinced that this video was going to bore me. In fact, it did at the start. For, as one begins watching it, they are simply perusing the routines. As it begins, all one gets to see at the start is a cheeky girl, madly in love, penning down a note from her cozy bed. The beginning scenes are shot in an environment that is therapeutic to the viewer, given the artistic décor and the candle-lit room.
Shortly after, the girl goes shopping, taking on after what every girl enjoys doing. As she checks out, she is informed that another man already made the payment. She puts on this shocked look yet portraying an inner satisfaction at the already paid price. So hold it there. You may miss the point. I did miss it on the first viewing. On the next viewing, it gets revelatory. This is a gospel song; she subtly communicates the point of Jesus having paid the price at the cross. Wow, how imaginative!
From this point onward, the video wins over a sworn enemy. It keeps the man’s face hidden all throughout the end. Another mark of novelty before the boredom is completely eliminated. The video ends with gusto. The execution of the dances on the ferries is what separates it from the chaff that characterises Ugandan gospel videos. You have a blend of tango, salsa, contemporary and a garnish of break-dancing.
May be, this video makes me a witness to the adage of bad beginnings that create good endings. By the time you are through, you will radiate a similar smile to that of Solome Basuuta in the video. Her smile is love winking at the viewer. It paints a ray of sunshine to an already well-lit video.


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