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Magogo’s squeeze shops for a Mercedes

Although Fufa president Moses Magogo has not come out to publicly declare the nature of relationship he enjoys with this particular belle, their several public appearances speak volumes.
Her name is Dora Ssali but she prefers Dellah Sally on most of her social media accounts. The dazzling Sally has been seen at several public functions holding hands with the Fufa boss. We have also spotted the two in several hangouts, especially Club Guvnor.
We also have it on good authority that Dora has attended several away soccer matches that the Uganda Cranes has played in other countries, albeit not being a Fufa official.
As adults, our thoughts pointed to the fact that Dora and Magogo must be an item; but we shall leave that to the football boss to declare.
Well, for now, something else caught our eye; Dora recently upgraded to a Mercedes Benz Kompressor! Yes, we bumped into Dora cruising into the Guvnor parking shorty before Christmas. Dora confirmed our suspicions by posting a photo of her new ride on her Facebook wall.
We will not rush to thank Magogo on Dora’s behalf, but we would like to congratulate Dora on her new ride! In the meantime, we have also learnt that Dora is currently on holiday in the Emirates.

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